SunWorld installing Solar Power Plants at residential areas in Ghaziabad

solar installation in delhi-ncrSunworld systems pvt ltd, in one-of-its kind initiative in Ghaziabad, has installed independent (off grid) solar power plants at residential area to meet complete power needs. In a modern neighbourhood in Vaishali, Ghaziabad, Sunworld systems has installed a solar power plant on the rooftop of a sixteen-storey building. to supply electricity to customer penthouse. An elaborate setting of solar panels at the rooftop helps the solar power plant convert solar energy into power.

Solar technology – A cost effective, eco-friendly technology to generate electricity.

The owner of the house, Mr Tarun das, Commissioner at Employees’ provident fund(epf) department, Delhi, goes back 10 years and describes his long term passion towards green technology use in India.


Recalling the same, he said, “We wants to install solar power plant at our pent-house roof from past 5-10 years, however, due to a number of reasons, our efforts in bringing about this change did not materialize.”

“However, remembering the famous proverb Better late than never. We got in touch with the Sunworld systems solar team who then helped me in installing a solar power generation set up at my residence. This 10 KW power plant now helps me in meeting my daily energy needs. It runs Air conditioners, tube lights, fans and other household load in my home with zero electricity bill”, he added.

The 64-year-old former commissioner at Employees’ Provident Fund Organization, Ministry of Labor and employment Govt. of India, plans to extend the solar installations in his other projects in Uttar Pradesh. With the help of SunWorld he is planning to install another 20 KWp power plant at his residence in Kanpur.

He added, “In India, we have abundant source of sunlight which can be very easily converted into electricity. No doubt that the initial cost of installation is a bit high, however the plant once installed, supplies uninterrupted power to meet most household needs in addition to being long lasting (25 years), green and pollution free.”

How the solar power plant at residences work

Sunworld installing solar power plant at residential area in ghaziabad

The heart of a photovoltaic solar system is the solar array. Made up of multiple panels, this array absorbs the energy of sunlight and converts this energy into electrical energy. The array is mounted on a frame of the roof, which provides the correct aspect and elevation for the array, so that the maximum amount of available sunlight is received and converted into electricity.



Energy saving from the first day – respite from long electricity bills
Long lasting – 25 years
Initial cost is recovered in 5-6 years*
Safe and green for the environment
Subsidy from govt. for installations in many states
Minimal maintenance